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  • How do I find the santuary?
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  • Is there parking at the sanctuary?
    Yes, there is parking space available on the quet dirt road outside the sanctuary.
  • Are children welcome to the sanctuary?
    Children of all ages are always welcome to the sanctuary, as long as they are supervised by parents at all times. Our donkeys are well natured, however, care should be taken while feeding them and interacring with them.
  • Are there any Agia Marina Donkey Rescue souvenirs?
    Yes, merchandise and souvenirs can be collected at our sanctuary. All donations go towards the care and welfare of our donkeys.
  • Can I interact with/feed the donkeys?
    Donkey feeding is only carried out by the donkey carers. You are welcome to bring any carrots and apples for the donkeys, which will be fed to them at feeding times. Interaction with the donkeys is welcome but care must always be taken, especially with children.
  • Is there toilet facilities at the sanctuary?
    No we do not offer toilet facilities at the sanctuary.
  • Is smoking allowed at the sanctuary?
    Smoking is strictly prohibited due to the fire risk during the dry summer months.
  • Is there an entrance fee at the sanctuary?
    There is no entrance fee for the Donkey sanctuary. We do however, encourage a small donation or the purchase of some of our very special donkey souvenirs. This will help us continue being able to care for our donkeys and keep our doors open to donkeys in future need.
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